How a comic gets created...

It all starts with an idea...

The idea behind the Trust your Instinct ad campaign is to symbolize in a funny way that the instinct, which should lead us into the best possible direction in certain circumstances, can be influenced by the value we set on something.

The Trust your Instinct ads are created in close collaboration with Klaus Wilinski of the art studio Wilinski in Germany (

Internal idea draft
To realize the subject the idea needs to be recorded in a way someone else can understand. And which language could be better than pictures? Furthermore the draft will help you to see if the imagination in your head can be brought to paper.
Although my drawing skills are not the best - a picture explains more than 1000 words and luckily the published draft will be drawn by a professional. ;-)

Especially if you and your art professional work together via e-mail and telephone only, it is significant to explain your idea in a detailed understandable way. To my experience the best way is to explain the emotions the comic should transfer in a small text beside your draft.

Taking picture of Bode 100
Our comic provides additional complexity as it should include a photograph of a real device that needs to fit into the comic concept.
To get this done you need to have a feeling about the perspective of your final graphic. The draft you have drawn for recording your idea will help you a lot to find a good composition of the elements within the drawing.

The picture is set to the sketch in an early stage as the artist is going to draw the comic around it.




Blue sketch by Wilinski
As in our case Mr. Wilinski had the picture that had been taken for the TRI Ants he was able to start working while we were taking the new picture already.
Making a blue sketch is important for coordination as the artist visualizes his imagination of the concept described by you. It allows you to adapt interpretations to your own imagination. But quite often the artist brings in new details that improve the effect of the graphic.





Comments on the blue sketch
I use to load the blue sketch into a photo editing program to play around with the objects in the blue sketch. This helps me finding an effective composition.
After adjusting the elements to my liking I write the proposal for changes onto the rearranged blue sketch and forward it to the artist. Our practice shows that this is a quick an effective way to communicate changes.




Blue sketch with integrated picture of Bode 100
The process of implementing the changes by the artist and proposing new ones might be repeated more often. The better your descriptions are the faster the graphic will fit your imagination.
After implementing the changes the graphic elements should finally be in place and contain all details.





Ink drawing by Wilinski
The finalized blue sketch is the basis for the ink drawing. An ink drawing shows the outlines and shades of the final graphic. In other words - the ink drawing is the finalized graphic without color and without the picture.

Coloring at the PC
The ink drawing is scanned in for working with it on the computer.
A professional art program is used to color the graphic. Moreover the photograph of Bode 100 is placed into the drawing again.

The color plays an important role to reach the aimed impression with the graphic. One and the same graphic can affect someone totally different just because of the color impression.





Comments on the colored graphic
You can see the difference when you compare the graphic on the right with the final graphic below. The cold colors of the first graphic create a totally different atmosphere than the warm colors in the final graphic. Therefore to transfer the impression you want to I recommend playing around a bit on the computer in order to find an appropriate color combination.

To my experience describing your color wishes is not always as easy as expected. Making use of a flowery description that expresses the emotions the different elements of the graphic should induce helps a lot.

Final graphic
When the colors are set appropriately your graphic is finished.
As we use the watering granny graphic for our TRI advertisement we have implemented the Trust your Instinct slogan as well as some text describing our network vector analyzer Bode 100. To see the final ad please visit the TRI Gallery.

Have fun!

PS.: Klaus, thank you for your great work and collaboration!