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Bode Analyzer Suite 3.0 - New features and functionalities unlocked

Klaus, Austria, June 2017 – With the release of the new Bode Analyzer Suite V 3.00 all users of the Vector Network Analyzer Bode 100 gain access to several new functions and features. The new software extends the upper measurement frequency of Bode 100 enabling a measurement range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz. Furthermore, a total of seven new impedance measurement modes are now offered covering impedance measurements from mΩ to MΩ. This enables the user to perform impedance measurements of passive components as well as measuring the input and output impedance of active circuits such as power supplies.

Already in the past the Bode Analyzer Suite was known for its intuitive, easy to use user interface. Now the usability has been further improved. Pre-defined measurement modes allow first-time users easy and quick access to various types of Gain/Phase, Vector Network Analysis and Impedance measurement modes. An all-new memory handling allows to copy live measurements into memory traces with one mouse click. Quickly accessible math functions allow to create new measurement traces by combining live measurements with earlier recorded memory traces.

Finally, a modular automation interface offers a simplified way to integrate Bode 100 into automated industrial applications. The provided automation interface can be accessed by all major programming software. Several already realized industrial applications prove that Bode 100 is an excellent choice for performing automated frequency swept measurements for production and quality assurance purposes.

Despite the increased performance and functionality, the new Bode Analyzer Suite V 3.00 is offered to all users of Bode 100 at no cost. It can be downloaded free of charge from

6th Power Analysis & Design Symposium

The 6th Power Analysis & Design Symposium takes place on April 26th in Eching near Munich. Internationally renowned experts from leading companies will share their knowledge on power supply analysis and design. This year, the following topics are addressed in six presentations:

  • “Solving model predictive control challenges in spread spectrum modulated systems” presented by Andreas Reiter, Microchip Technology
  • “Analog PFC design: Step-by-Step” presented by Ali Shirsavar - Biricha Digital
  • “Architecture of digital PWM controllers for high current-slew-rate applications” presented by Marco Meola, IDT Europe
  • “Floating measurements with isolated channel oscilloscopes or differential probes - pros & cons” presented by Markus Herdin, Rohde & Schwarz
  • “Insight C - beyond the catalog” presented by Axel Schmidt, Kemet Electronics
  • “Input impedance measurements for filter stability evaluation” presented by Florian Hämmerle, OMICRON Lab

On April 25th, the evening prior to the symposium, an “Open-Lab” event is organized. During this Open-Lab all participants have the possibility to perform live measurements in a relaxed atmosphere. The participants are invited to bring their own power supplies to measure parameters such as loop stability, PSRR and output impedance.  

The participation of the symposium is free of charge and includes lunch as well as refreshments during breaks. You can register and find more information online at The registration is open until April 11th, 2017. 

Exclusive Power Integrity Workshop with Steve Sandler

On November 3rd 2016, Microchip and OMICRON Lab are hosting an exclusive 1-day workshop with the internationally renowned Power Integrity expert and author Steve Sandler at the Microchip Application Center in Ismaning near Munich. In his workshop „New Ways to VRM Modelling and Decoupling“, Steve will introduce all measurement and simulation steps required to generate a measurement based non-linear Voltage Regulator Module model. The model supports switching and AC characteristics and includes PSRR and input impedance as well as VRM output impedance.

The seminar consists of four theory modules, each accompanied by practical measurements done in small groups. Due to this workshop design, the total number of seats is limited. The seats will be assigned on a „first come first served“ basis.

Further information including the detailed workshop program and the registration form can be found here.


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A faster way to analyze dielectric materials at low frequencies

Klaus, Austria, July 2016 – OMICRON Lab's newly developed dielectric material analyzer SPECTANO 100 is a versatile solution for the fast analysis of all dielectric properties of solid and liquid insulating materials from 5 µHz to 5 kHz. The SPECTANO 100 combines measurements in the time and frequency domain which results, depending on the selected frequency range, in a measurement time reduction of up to 50 % - 75 % in comparison to conventional test sets. This allows a quick analysis of important polarization and depolarization phenomena as well as all electrical material parameters like permittivity, dielectric losses, capacitance and impedance. Due to analyzer’s wide output voltage range of 100 mVpeak to 200 Vpeak all measurements can be done without the need of an additional external voltage booster. The SPECTANO 100 allows to perform potential free measurements in grounded applications to ensure safe high voltage measurements. Optional adapters allow a flexible connection to all major types of material test cells on the market.

Dielectric properties are very important to understand the relationship between the structure and characteristics of materials. This also applies to time and temperature dependent chemical processes such as the curing of resins. Temperature resistant cables and adapters make it easy to connect the SPECTANO 100 to material test cells located in temperature controlled environments with temperatures from -55 °C to +250 °C. Programmable measurement sequences allow the easy execution of consecutive measurements at different voltages or temperatures. For more information on the SPECTANO 100 and its applications simply visit: 


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OMICRON Lab added to RAVENNA's supporter list

OMICRON Lab, the Austrian specialist for Smart Timing and Measurement Solutions, is proud to announce that it has joined the RAVENNA supporter community. OMICRON Lab provides precision timing equipment which is an ideal complement to a RAVENNA real-time media network.

OMICRON Lab’s OTMC 100 IEEE 1588/PTP Grandmaster clock with integrated GPS antenna and GPS receiver is a compact solution for space-limited or mobile applications. The device is powered over Ethernet (PoE) and comes with mast-mounting equipment for quick installation. In addition, it can be mounted on a tripod for temporary installation. A clear and easy-to-operate web-based configuration with integrated online help complements the feature list.

Markus Pfitscher, Sales & Business Development of OMICRON Lab states: “OMICRON Lab is known as supplier of Smart Measurement and Smart Timing Solutions for industrial applications. By joining the RAVENNA community, with its open technology and the strong user-base, OMICRON Lab is excited to provide IEEE 1588/PTP timing solutions for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based networks. This partnership will open a new market segment for OMICRON Lab´s timing solutions, and we are proud to cooperate with ALC NetworX and the RAVENNA partners regarding IEEE 1588/PTP timing.”

Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager of ALC NetworX, adds: “We are gratified to note a growing interest in RAVENNA from companies providing secondary or infrastructure gear necessary to operate a RAVENNA real-time media network with utmost precision. OMICRON Lab’s compact OTMC 100 PTP Grandmaster clock perfectly integrates into a RAVENNA network installation where space limitation or mobility requirements apply. Its intuitive configuration screens provide a quick and easy way to set it up, which makes it particularly applicable in mobile environments such as OB vans.”


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Easy Conversion of Time Synchronization Signals

OMICRON Lab, Mach 2014 – With the newly developed PTP Time Converter TICRO 100, OMICRON Lab allows precise time synchronization of non PTP-capable measuring equipment, sensors and PLCs via Ethernet in accordance with IEEE 1588. The TICRO 100 converts the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) into conventional time synchronization signals like IRIG-B, DCF77 or different PPX-signals. These time code signals can be easily assigned to the TICRO 100's coaxial, optocoupler or optical outputs using an intuitive web interface. Additionally the TICRO 100 provides a precise 10 MHz nominal frequency for locking frequency counters, signal generators and spectrum analyzers. In case of a PTP signal loss or a network failure the TICRO 100's internal, high stable reference oscillator guarantees the precise local generation of the time synchronization signals for up to 24 hours.

The TICRO 100 is fully compliant to the PTP Power Profile according IEEE C37.238. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to synchronize protection- and automation systems in the electric power industry. In combination with OMICRON Lab's antenna-integrated PTP Grandmaster Clock OTMC 100, the TICRO 100 offers a compact, flexible and portable solution to generate time and frequency reference signals.

For further information have a look at: 


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The picture shows a TICRO 100 (blue) and an OTMC 100 (red) together with a Tablet PC.

New PTP Grandmaster Clock series - OTMC 100 launched

OMICRON Lab, September 2012 – OMICRON Lab's newly developed antenna-integrated PTP Grandmaster clock OTMC 100 provides precise and simple time synchronization of measurement devices via the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588-2008. The unique design of the OTMC 100 series combines the GPS-Antenna, the GPS receiver and the Grandmaster clock in a compact and weatherproof housing. This enables a direct integration of the OTMC 100 Grandmaster Clocks into computer networks without the need of any coaxial RF cabling.

An active GPS-Antenna in combination with a sensitive 12-channel GPS receiver ensures that the OTMC 100 series provides reliable time synchronization data even under difficult reception conditions. The integrated PTP grandmaster clock runs a fully embedded PTP protocol stack and is controlled via a platform independent web interface. The OTMC 100 series is powered over Ethernet. Due to the extremely low power consumption its cost of operation is much lower than that of a standard rack mounted device.

The OTMC series so far consists of two models. The OTMC 100i was especially developed to meet the needs of industrial measurement applications such as automated test environments while the OTMC 100p was designed for protection, automation and control applications in the electric power industry.


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Optically isolated data acquisition system – ISAQ 100 launched

OMICRON Lab, January 2012 – OMICRON Lab's new product, the optically isolated data acquisition system ISAQ 100, serves for analyzing and/or recording of voltage signals under challenging conditions. The accurate (2 MSps sampling rate, 18 bit resolution) ±250 V inputs of the two channels system can be used to analyze any physical or chemical process. A data recorder & analyzer as well as a real-time scope and FFT analyzer are provided by the controlling software, which runs on any standard Windows PC.

The full potential of the ISAQ 100 is acquired by making use of the fiber optical link of up to 3 km used for the data transfer between the acquisition units and the control unit. These enable the ISAQ 100 to be used as an isolation amplifier and make it the perfect solution for measurements in EMC critical areas and for high voltage applications. The hardware concept of the ISAQ 100 allows unlimited potential free measurements and even ensures safe operation for on-desk applications with up to 1000 V to ground. The battery powered acquisition units enable 8000 hours data recording and combined with the ISAQ 100’s light weight and compact design the ISAQ 100 assures outstanding flexibility.


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Measurement of complex component impedances made easy

OMICRON Lab, February 2011 – The new impedance measurement adapters B-WIC and B-SMC turn OMICRON Lab's network analyzer Bode 100 into a cost-effective and easy to use LCR Meter. Both adapters work in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz.

Besides the examined component's complex impedance also the serial and parallel equivalent resistance, capacitance and inductance as well as the quality factor can be displayed as a swept frequency curve.

The B-SMC is specially designed to measure surface mounted components, while the B-WIC enables to measure wired component of any kind. Both adapters are equipped with an effective spring based mechanism allowing a quick exchange of the measurement object. Gold plated contacts ensure a low and reproducible contact resistance.

Free application notes at ensure a quick and effective start of impedance measurements with the Bode 100.


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OMICRON Lab Partners with Picotest, Raises the Level of Network Analyzer Test Capability

September  2010 Phoenix, AZ / Klaus, Austria: OMICRON Lab,  a leader in network analyzer test equipment, and, a leader in high-tech precision electronic instruments have signed a cooperation agreement that allows each company to sell and distribute key products produced by the other. In the reciprocal agreement, will sell the OMICRON Lab products, including the Bode 100 network analyzer and its accessories, and OMICRON Lab and its distributors will sell the new Picotest line of Signal Injectors.

“There is a great synergy between the products, technology and capabilities of OMICRON Lab and Picotest,” states OMICRON Lab Business Manager, Bernhard Baumgartner.
OMICRON Lab will distribute Picotest’s line of Single Injectors, which pair perfectly with the Bode 100 network analyzer and greatly extend its usefulness. Together, the Signal Injectors enable the Bode 100 to better measure stability, input and output impedance, PSRR, component impedances, reverse transfer, crosstalk and Middlebrook filter stability. OMICRON Lab will sell the Signal Injectors both directly and indirectly through their worldwide distributor network. will sell the Bode 100 and its accessories throughout the US markets.
“The Signal Injectors and Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer are a very powerful combination. Picotest’s expertise in power supply test and measurement will help teach engineers about all the ways the Bode 100 can benefit them,” adds Baumgartner. “ displays an excellent combination of practical engineering expertise and understanding of the test equipment landscape. offers the support and knowledge base we require from a top distributor.”

For, the Bode 100 analyzer adds tremendous capability. The Bode 100 is a compact, multifunctional test set designed for the electronic laboratory. The Bode 100 is the best value for a computer controlled Vector Network Analyzer, Gain Phase Meter, Impedance Meter and Sine Wave Generator in a single unit. The flexible hardware design, combined with PC based software allows the Bode 100 to be used for audio, video, and RF applications in R&D labs or production environments.

“We are excited to begin this relationship, states Steve Sandler, Managing Director of “OMICRON Lab has a very strong organization behind its products and is dedicated to supplying the best price/performance value point in the analyzer market.”
With the Picotest Signal Injectors and the Bode 100 you can perform many high resolution measurements in the range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz non-invasively.


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Universal wideband injection transformer launched

OMICRON Lab, January 2010 –  OMICRON Lab's new universal injection transformer B‑WIT 100 was particularly  developed  for the  stability analysis of switched mode power supplies and control loops of any kind. Due to its special design  the B‑WIT 100 combines a very wide frequency range (1Hz - 10 MHz) with a 600V CAT II compliant  output. Together with OMICRON Lab's vector network analyzer Bode 100 the B-WIT 100 is used to achieve quick and accurate results on the stability characteristic of DC/DC converters.

The 600V CAT II compliant output of the injection transformer enables the analysis of switched mode power supplies with output voltages ranging from a few volts up to mains voltage. The wide frequency range of the B‑WIT 100 ensures its usability for slow, low bandwidth control loops as well as to fast, high bandwidth circuits.  Due to this feature combination a wide range of measurement applications, which demanded different injection transformers in the past can be now covered with only one device – the B-WIT 100.


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Bode 100 - Network Analysis down to 1 Hertz

OMICRON Lab, May 2008 – From now on, the users of the portable network analyzer Bode 100 have access to an extended frequency range. With the release of the latest operation software, OMICRON Lab managed to reduce the lower frequency border to 1 Hz. Therefore, the Bode 100 offers now a more than seven decades spanning measurement range from 1 Hz – 40 MHz for Gain/Phase and impedance measurements.

Due to the extended frequency range, the Bode 100 is not only suitable for classical network analysis tasks it is also a perfect fit for the analysis of control circuits (e.g. DC/DC Converters), audio and ultrasound measurements as well as the measurement of piezoelectric sensors and transducers. The intelligent system design consisting of a small portable Hardware unit in combination with powerful PC software enables a very flexible use of Bode 100.

With the operation software Bode Analyzer Suite V2.2, OMICRON Lab consequently continues its strategy of delivering innovative and customer-oriented software solutions. In addition to the straight forward and intuitive operable graphical user interface, the Bode 100 offers an OLE compatible automation interface.   This interface enables the easy integration of the Bode 100 into automated measurement setups, for example, manufacturing or quality control applications.

With the Bode 100, OMICRON Lab offers an outstanding network analyzer for universal applications at an outstanding price performance ratio. Hence, it is only logical that only two years after its market introduction the Bode 100 is already used in 25 countries on four continents by renowned research institutes and companies from various industries.


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Der portable Netzwerkanalysator Bode 100 begeistert bereits Kunden auf vier Kontinenten

OMICRON Lab, November 2006 – Nur ein Jahr nach der Markteinführung des portablen vektoriellen Netzwerkanalysators Bode 100 wird dieser bereits in insgesamt 15 Ländern auf vier Kontinente erfolgreich eingesetzt.

Bei den Anwendern von Bode 100 handelt es sich um renommierte Forschungsinstitute, Universitäten sowie Industrieunternehmen aus den unterschiedlichsten Branchen. Das intelligente Systemdesign bestehend aus portabler Hardware und leistungsfähiger PC Software erlaubt hierbei eine äußerst flexible Gestaltung der Nutzungsmöglichkeiten von Bode 100.

"Die Anwendungen bei unseren Kunden sind breit gefächert und reichen vom Service von medizintechnischen Geräten, über die Forschung und Entwicklung im Hightechbereich - wie zum Beispiel für biometrische Datenerfassungssysteme - bis hin zur universitären Forschung und Ausbildung." führt Bernhard Baumgartner Sales & Application Manager für Europa aus. "Gerade diese Vielzahl der Anwendungen zeigt wie universell Bode 100  eingesetzt werden kann. Gleichzeitig ermöglicht uns das Kundenfeedback aus diesen sehr unterschiedlichen Bereichen eine kontinuierliche, auf Vielseitigkeit ausgerichtete  Weiterentwicklung unserer Produkte".

Mit der im eben veröffentlichten, neuen Bediensoftware Bode Analyzer Suite setzt OMICRON Lab konsequent den Kurs der innovativen, kundenorientierten Produktentwicklung fort. Neben einer überarbeiteten Benutzeroberfläche mit vielen neuen Funktionen, welche das Arbeiten mit Bode 100 noch einfacher und intuitiver als bisher gestalten steht nun erstmals auch eine Automatisierungsschnittstelle zur Verfügung. Diese Schnittstelle ermöglicht die einfache Einbindung von Bode 100 in automatisierte Messabläufe zum Beispiel in Fertigungsprüffeldern oder in der Forschung. Dies eröffnet eine Vielzahl weiterer potentieller Nutzungsbereiche für den portablen vektoriellen Netzwerkanalysator Bode 100.


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