SPECTANO 100 - Dielectric Material Analyzer

Dielectric properties are very important to understand the relationship between the structure and the characteristics of materials. Usually material test systems belong to one of the following two categories:

  • Time-domain systems to determine the polarization phenomena (PDC)
  • Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS) system for more detailed electrical properties analysis within the material.

The SPECTANO 100 combines the PDC and the FDS method in one device with a wide frequency range from 5 µHz to 5 kHz.  It allows to measurement of all important dielectric material parameters such as permittivity ε, dielectric loss tanδ, capacitance and impedance. Due to the SPECTANO 100's the maximum output voltage of 200 Vpeak no additional external booster is needed.  

Product brochure providing a detailed overview on the capabilities of the SPECTANO 100

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Two measurement methods - one device
Polarization and depolarization current measurement (PDC) and frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) in one device

Cost effective and powerful
Compact all-in-one system with up to 200 Vpeak output – no external booster needed.

Faster results
Test time reduced up to 50 % - 75 % depending on the frequency range by combined time and frequency domain measurement

Versatile application
The device enables floating measurement for integration in grounded application systems

Flexible and easy integration
Adapters and temperature resistant cables enable connection of all common test cell topologies

Easy data exchange
No license required to simplify data exchange and parallel analysis on several PCs

Measurement time reduction
PDC measurements can be accomplished in a short time but are limited to low frequencies. FDS measurements are feasible for high frequencies but take very long at low frequencies. SPECTANO 100 combines the advantages of both methods. The software transforms the time domain current into frequency domain data for subsequent evaluation. Depending on the selected frequency range this reduces the measurement time up to 50 % - 75 % compared to exclusive FDS measurements.

Reduced equipment cost
The SPECTANO 100 is a light-weight all-in-one system. The max. 200 Vpeak output in time- and frequency domain allows measurements without the need of an additional voltage booster.

System quality check and data backup
The SPECTANO 100 software provides different pre-measurements to check the test system before starting a measurement to guarantee cost and time saving work. Functions like Load from device or Save data to back-up file ensure that the test data and results remain accessible in error cases like an accidental disconnection of the device during measurement.

Multiple setups and potential free measurements
The SPECTANO 100 device and its cables and adapters allow floating measurements for implementation in grounded application systems and a high variety of measurement setups (e.g. for measurements with high voltages).

Easy data exchange
To simplify data exchange and to enable parallel analysis of measurement results on several PCs the SPECTANO analyzer suite can be installed without the need of a specific software license. 

Easy integration and quick familiarization 
Optional adapters (BNC and 4mm plugs) allow a flexible connection to all common material test cells in the market. Temperature resistant cables and adapters allow to connect the SPECTANO 100 test cells located in a temperature controlled environment from -55 °C to +250 °C. Straight forward simple connection methods in combination with the intuitive SPECTANO analyzer suite software result in a quick familiarization with the test setup.

Characterize the insulation, polarization and dielectric loss of solid and liquid materials such as:

  • Electrical insulation paper/cellulose
  • Nanomaterials (Nano-composites)
  • Dielectric components
  • Epoxy resins
  • Mica
  • Polymers
  • Insulation Oils
  • Display technologies like glasses or polymers
  • Thin films

Achieve information on:

  • Dielectric properties
  • Material aging
  • Material structure
  • Space charges in multilayer insulations
  • Surface or film thickness of coatings
  • Curing processes

The SPECTANO 100 main package includes

  • SPECTANO 100 main device
  • DTS1 – Dielectric Test Sample box
  • Standard triaxial measurement cable set
  • Special DRA power supply (grounded)
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide (English; printed) 
  • CD-ROM with SPECTANO 100 Analyzer Suite and user manual (English)
  • Transport case

Optional accessories

  • Lemo to 4mm plug adapter cable set
  • Lemo to BNC adapter cable set

For more information on additional options, check the accessories section.

For more information on the SPECTANO 100 series, check the technical data section