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User Manual

OTMC 100
User Manual

(9 MB)


Quick Start Guide

OTMC 100
Quick Start Guide in Low Resolution

(6 MB)


OTMC 100 Software Package

OTMC 100 V1.12
Complete Software Package

(321 MB)


OTMC 100 Firmware

OTMC 100 Firmware
Version 1.12.0063

(24 MB)



The open source code used for this firmware image can be obtained by downloading the complete OTMC 100 software package.

This page lists the evolution of the OTMC 100 firmware from 2012 until now:

Firmware 1.12 (2019-04)

  • New feature: PTP profile IEEE C37.238-2017 added
  • New feature: device name for device link can be defined
  • New feature: warning levels for email notifications added
  • New feature: "Read only" access for WebUI added
  • Bug fixes and Stability Updates

Firmware 1.11 (2016-07)

  • New feature: PTP profile IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016 added
  • Driver Updates for PHY implemented
  • NTP time synchronization optimized
  • Update of PTP Stack to latest version
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Firmware 1.10 (2015-04)

  • New feature: Possibility to disable VLAN tags for IEC C37.238-2011 power profile 
  • New feature: Leap second information now also displayed on GPS status screen
  • Web interface update
  • System stability improvements
  • IPv6 multicast scope configuration enabled
  • Support for differential services according to RFC 2474 implemented

Firmware 1.04 (2014-12)

  • NTP security issue addressed

Firmware 1.02 (2013-05)

  • Clock servo stability improvements
  • Flash memory bugs fixed
  • IGMP requests fixed
  • PTP stack updated to latest version
  • Manual and online help updated

    Firmware 1.00  (2012-04)

    • Initial Firmware