TICRO 100 - IEEE 1588/PTP Time Converter

TICRO 100 is a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time converter that allows you to derive a high variety of time codes from IEEE 1588/PTP packages received by Ethernet. This enables you to easily synchronize non-PTP equipment to the PTP Grandmaster of an IEEE 1588/PTP infrastructure.

Simply assign the time code or time reference signal required by your device to an optical, coaxial or optocoupler output using the TICRO 100’s web interface.

To download the TICRO 100 user manual and firmware, visit the download site.

For more information on the OTMC 100, please visit it's product site.

For more information, please check out the flyer below:

TICRO 100 Product Brochure

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PTP conversion to multiple time codes
Integrate non-PTP devices easily into
IEEE 1588/PTP infrastructures

Freely configurable trigger times
Trigger measurements at the exact same point
of time at different locations

Programmable time code outputs
Freely assign different time codes to coaxial,
optical and optocoupler outputs

Secure web interface
Enjoy computer platform independent
control via fiber or copper Ethernet

High stability internal oscillator
Feel safe with guaranteed time accuracy in case
of PTP signal loss or network failures

Industry hardened design
Operate TICRO 100 in industrial
environments such as IEC 61850 substations




Make Your Equipment PTP Capable

Forget about distributing your time codes over separate networks. With TICRO 100, you can generate the required time codes right where you need them – directly at your equipment. Several IRIG-B time codes, DCF 77, and various pulse per second signals ensure time synchronization of a high variety of measurement equipment.

Synchronize Measurements

With the programmable trigger functionality, you can start measurements at different locations at exactly the same time. Simply program the absolute time of the first trigger pulse, define the number of the succeeding pulses and you are ready to go.

Distribute Reference Frequencies

Wherever you have access to an IEEE 1588 compliant Ethernet connection, TICRO 100 provides you with a precise 10 MHz reference frequency signal. Simply lock your frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, or any other measurement equipment to TICRO 100.

Portable Time Code Generation

In combination with OMICRON Lab’s antenna-integrated PTP Grandmaster Clock OTMC 100, TICRO 100 becomes a fully portable time synchronization device. This allows you to perform time synchronized measurements in the field quickly, with a very low setup time.

Flexible Mounting

You can either use TICRO 100 as a tabletop device or mount it on any DIN Rail by simply adding the provided mounting bracket. Redundant power connectors at the front and back panel ensure full accessibility independent from the chosen use case.

TICRO 100 is equipped with an integrated web server which gives you access to all functions and settings via a web browser. The intuitive navigation concept allows you to control the TICRO 100 via all kinds of computers including tablet computers.

As soon as TICRO 100 is connected to your network, it either acquires its IP address from your network’s DHCP server or selects an Auto IP address. In a Microsoft Windows® environment, you can use the OMICRON Device Browser to easily locate the TICRO 100 in and configure its network settings.

Your TICRO 100 can be secured against unauthorized access by using the encrypted HTTPS protocol with your own SSL certifi cate and password protection.

For setting up more than one TICRO 100, you can easily store the confi guration of a TICRO 100 into an XML fi le and upload it to other TICRO 100s.