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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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User Manual


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API Description

API Description

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The open source code used for this firmware image can be obtained by downloading the complete TICRO 100 software package.

TICRO 100 Software Package

TICRO 100 V1.6
Complete Software Package
(including Firmware 1.24)

(329 MB)


TICRO 100 Firmware

TICRO 100 Firmware
Version 1.24.0046

(26 MB)


TICRO 100 Csharp Example

API example for C#

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TICRO 100 Visual Basic Example

API example for Visual Basic

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TICRO 100 Phyton Example

API example for Python

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This page lists the evolution of the TICRO 100 firmware from 2014 until today:

Firmware 1.24 (2019-03)

  • Added support for Power Profile (C37.238-2017)

  • Added clock information to overview screen (WebUI)

  • Added possibility for "Read Only" access level

  • Added possibility to disable USB interface

  • Added possibility to update time-zone-database with a separate file

  • Added comment field for device link

  • Added warning on OCXO tuning voltage leaving a recommended value range

  • Quicker locking for all profiles

  • Hold-over handling improved

  • IRIG-B Parity bit handling improved

  • Manual DST setting improved

  • Custom PPX settings has changed

  • Default Output values changed

Firmware 1.22 (2016-06)

  • manufacturer recommended fixes and improvements implemented for the used PHY hardware

  • update of the PTP stack to the most current version

Firmware 1.20 (2015-06)

  • New feature: Logfile safed on power loss & reboot

  • Update Linux kernel to version 3.12.28 (from 3.4.xx)Improved internal system time accuracy during hold over

  • Improved leap second handling for IRIG-B and DCF77

  • Time zone database updated (2015.5)

  • Minor bug fixes

Firmware 1.10 (2014-10)

  • New feature: Manual setting of system time if no PTP signal is available (unlocked state)

  • New feature: Manual setting of DST change now possible

  • Improved OCXO tuning at start up

  • Improved DST bit handling and switch over for IRIG-B and DCF77

  • Added new settings to SOAP interface (API)

  • Certificate handling re-tested and improved

  • Time zone database updated (2014.8)

  • New PDF user manual added

  • Minor bug fixes

Firmware 1.01 (2014-07)

  • Use the time from the PHY instead of the system time to generate localTime.info

  • Improved timing to set the DCF77 DST and DSP bits

  • Minor bug fixes

    Firmware 1.00 (2014-01)

    • Initial Firmware