EMC Filter Synthesis Tool - EFsyn

EMC Filter Synthesis is a software tool for simulation and design of EMC filters.

The new approach of this filter synthesis tool is based on simulating with the real values of the EMC filter components. Due to this, the EMC simulation considers the parasitics of the components.

No equivalent circuit models of the components are needed for the filter simulation. The EMC filter simulation is fast and accurate. Your benefits are:

  • Real-live EMC and filter calculation
  • Optimization of EMC filters
  • Part library based on your filter components
  • Automatic measurements using the Bode 100
  • Includes circuit diagram modeler for arbitrary filter structures
  • Calculates the filter gain / transfer function based on theoretical and real components

For more information, please check out the flyer and tutorial below:

Product brochure

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Short tutorial explaining the functionality of EFsyn

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The components used for the filter are measured using EFsyn and the Bode 100. Then the theoretical simulation results are compared to the simulation results based on the real components. Furthermore the simulated filter transfer function is compared to a real filter measurement.

For more information and a download link for EFsyn, please visit the homepage of Negal Engineering.

You can access the EFsyn download page directly by clicking this link.