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Dielectric Material Analyzer SPECTANO 100

for the dielectric characterization of solid and liquid insulation materials in the time (PDC) and frequency (FDS) domain. Measures complex permittivity, dielectric losses (tan delta), capacity and impedance. Frequency range 5µHz to 5kHz. 200 Vpeak output voltage (AC/DC)

€ 20.500,00
Triaxial to 4mm Adapter Cable Set

Optional triaxial to 4mm adapter cable set enables a connection of all common or customized test cells topologies with 4mm plugs. The temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C

€ 200,00
Triaxial to BNC Adapter Cable Set

Optional high temperature, low noise triaxial to BNC adapter cable set enables a connection of all common test cell topologies with BNC connection. The temperature resistant adapter allows a flexible integration in temperature controlled environments from -55 °C to +250 °C. The triaxial cable shielding systems enables low current measurements and thus the analysis of high insulation materials.

€ 200,00