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PTP Switches


RSP20 PTP Switch 100Mbit/s
PTP-capable, managed, industrial Ethernet Switch
IEEE 1588-2008/PTP capable industrial Switch
supports the PTP default profiles (E2E & P2P)
and the power profile (IEEE C37.238-2011)
Uplink Ports: 3 x SFP slot (100 Mbit)
Ports:  8 x 10/100BASE TX, RJ45
Manufactured by Hirschmann
€ 1.348,00
RJ45 (copper) SFP for RSP20 PTP switch
M-FAST SFP-TX/RJ45 EEC 100 Mbit/s
Fast Ethernet Transceiver (RJ45, copper)
100 Mbit/s full duplex auto neg. fixed
€ 224,00
Optical SFP for RSP20 PTP Switch
M-FAST SFP-Module MM/LC 100 Mbit/s
Fast-ETHERNET Transceiver (Fiber optic),
1 x 100 BASE-FX with LC connector,
for multimode fiber 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm
€ 145,00