Article-No. VESC1712
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EMCON 200 is an Ethernet media converter used for connecting optical fiber and twisted pair copper Ethernet networks. Copper-based connections are limited to a certain data transmission rate and distance, whereas optical fiber cables can transmit more data over much longer distances.

EMCON 200 can also be used in networks with different fiber optic link speeds and wherever IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronization is required. EMCON 200 is also a valuable accessory for OMICRON’s CMC and DANEO 400 devices that can provide the power required for EMCON 200 with an Ethernet cable (PoE).

Key features:

  • Interconnecting twisted pair copper and optical fiber networks
  • PTP transparent clock according to IEEE 1588-2008
  • Supporting 100MBit/s and 1Gbit/s link speeds
  • Power supply with PoE or USB
  • Unlocked SFP slot for any transceiver modules

For more detailed information, have a look at the User Manual and Technical Data