Power Electronics Testing Workshop by Picotest

In this workshop you will learn how to perform all necessary measurements to ensure reliable operation of your power systems and analog circuitry.

Picotest introduces the new non-invasive stability measurement method and you will learn how to measure performance parameters of your power supply in real working environment.


Anyone involved with designing or utilizing power systems, anyone using or designing voltage regulators, linear or switching.

Key points:

  • Bode 100 VNA and advanced oscilloscopes at every station
  • Spectrum analyzers, noise analyzers, specialty probes, EMI probes
  • Detailed test instructions: Bode Plot, PSRR, 1-port and 2-port impedance, Scope, FFT
  • 75% hands-on, 25% lecture

Bode 100 hands-on:

  • Learn how to make accurate and high fidelity measurements with confidence
  • Learn all about the key measurements necessary to test your power systems
  • Gain confidence in your tests
  • Learn about equipment and test setup limitations
  • Learn how to spot bad test data

 For a full syllabus and more details please visit: https://www.picotest.com/training/index.html

Feel free to download the workshop brochure: