You might think ...

... that performing a vector network analysis isn't really an extreme thing. Well you are right as long as both the measurement equipment and the DUT are located in a nice and cozy R&D Lab with a working mains supply. But as soon as you have to bring your measurement equipment with you to perform an on-site measurement things change rapidly.

Inspired by ...

... the compact and lightweight design of Bode 100 the idea was born to ad some "extremeness" to our measurement jobs by performing measurements at extraordinary places and under exceptional conditions. The fact that Bode 100 is able to be powered by battery supported the thought quite a lot.

Put the tension on

Check out how we use the Bode 100 to measure the load on a climbing rope during rappelling / abseiling into a 35 m vertical cave, the Kessiloch.
Enjoy watching the video and reading the background story!

In the cold

This time we wanted to show that our Bode 100 is very robust and that it is also usable in all situations of life, even when it snows. Therefore we put a Bode 100 onto a snowboard and let our colleague Hannes jump over a kicker. This spectacle took place in the skiing region Laterns in western Austria.

Under Pressure

To demonstrate how stable we built the Bode 100 we drove a one ton old-timer tractor onto the Bode 100. As soon as the tractor was safely resting on the Bode 100 we performed a life measurement and were able to prove that the Bode 100 was still working perfectly.

Gain new heights

Sometimes you cannot choose where the next measurement has to be done. To demonstrate the outstanding portability of the Bode 100 we packed our rucksacks and hiked up onto more than 6000 ft above sea level.

Are YOU ready for "Extreme Measuring"?

If you take on the challenge just grab your Bode 100 and perform a measurement at an extrordinary place or under extrordinary circumstances. Send us some pictures and your story for publishing on our webpage and we will reward you with an orginal,  limited edition, not available in stores swiss army knife