Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 SR2 released

Download the Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 SR2 and be up to date!

  • Updated .NET framework to version 6
  • Overcome render issues with Intel Iris Xe graphics cards

Recordings of the 12th Power Analysis & Design Symposium

You can now watch the 12th edition on our YouTube channel and learn more about:

  • Control Methods of LLC Converter
  • Shielding Low Frequency Magnetic Fields
  • Digital Average Current Mode Control of Switch-Mode Power Supplies
  • Accurate Loop Gain Measurements, Tips & Tricks
  • How to use Off-the-Shelf Transformers in Switching Power Supplies
  • PSRR – Why measure it, the Measurement Errors and how to…

12th Power Analysis & Design Symposium - Register now!

The 12th Power Analysis & Design Symposium will again take place as a live virtual event on March 15th, 2023.
Register now - attendance is free of charge.


Picotest PDN Probes

We are now offering the new 1 Port & 2 Port 50 Ω Transmission Line PDN Probes from Picotest.
Check out the product page for more information.