Bode 100 checked out on EEVblog

Finally, we did it. We did send a Bode 100 to Dave at EEVblog. To find out what Dave says about the Bode 100, check out the review video!


New Extreme Measuring adventures - Check out the videos!

For our newest adventure, we took our Bode 100 and the OTMC 100 Grandmaster Clock to the Greek island Rhodes.


New SPECTANO Analyzer Suite V1.50 released

SAS 1.50 brings new features and improvements. You can use the Automation Interface (API) to easily integrate the SPECTANO 100 into automated setups or customized analysis tools. Use programming languages such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, C# or Excel to access the SPECTANO 100. In addition, the SAS 1.50 features a customized sweep list and provides new result parameters such as the specific conductivity...