8th Power Analysis & Design Symposium

The 8th Power Analysis & Design Symposium takes place on
April 4th, 2019 in Eching (near Munich).
Register now for a day packed with lectures, practical examples and demonstrations by international experts.


Picotest released new Injector for high power PSRR testing

Complementing their popular J2120A low power line injector, the new J2121A is much higher power and supports PSRR, DC biased inductor measurement, DC-DC converter input impedance testing, as well as other EMI tests. The J2121A is especially suited to high power applications including military and satellite bus voltages up to 400V/20A with a bandwidth up to 1MHz and works well with the Bode 100.


Bode Analyzer Suite 3.20 released!

BAS 3.20 further improves your Bode 100 user experience!
You can switch between a light and a dark theme and you can add more traces if you want. Furthermore you can automatically calculate stability margins and use the Nichols diagram for your control system analysis.

Download it now to upgrade for free!