OMICRON Lab's new Bode Analyzer Suite V 2.21 released - Get automated!

These days improving efficiency is a big issue in every aspect of our daily business - especially in production. Therefore automated measurements are continuously gaining importance. With the new Bode Analyzer Suite we focused on this important topic by implementing ALL functionalities of the Bode 100 for its OLE Automation Interface. Furthermore we added a very useful function to the frequency sweep modes.

So what is new in the Bode Analyzer Suite V2.21?

  • All functions of Bode 100 were implemented to the OLE Automation Interface (AI).
    • The Frequency Sweep (ext. coupler) Mode has been added.
    • The VSWR Format is now supported by the AI
    • The new unwrapped Phase function is supported
    • ...
  • Save & Load complete equipment configuration via the Automation Interface for automated switching between measurements.
  • The Unwrapped Phase function available in the Frequency Sweep and the Frequency Sweep (External Coupler) modes allows switching from the wrapped phase reading (+/- 180°) to a continuous phase reading. This function is very useful for applications such as the calculation of phase delay times. (For more information refer to the according manual extension.)
  • Improved CSV Export (Full ANSI compatibility)

Again many of the implemented features and improvements were proposed by our customers. We are very happy to get such excellent input and ideas.  Many thanks for your great support that helped us to further improve the Bode Analyzer Suite. 

Have fun working with Bode 100 and benefit from the possibilities the new Bode Analyzer Suite provides for you!

P.S: The new Bode Analyzer Suite V2.21 can be downloaded free of charge.