B-AMP 12 is an external power amplifier for the Bode 100. With the B-AMP 12 you can amplify the Bode 100 output signal by 12 dB (= x4) to perform measurements with signal levels up to 25 dBm.

Using the impedance measurement ports of B-AMP 12 you can directly measure impedance with high signal levels.

Typical Applications:

  • Measuring very low impedance values
  • Measure voltage dependent impedance (chip capacitance)
  • Use B-AMP 12 to inject more power into circuits during e.g. Loop Gain measurement, Input Impedance measurement or Output Impedance measurement
  • Generate more power in noisy environments such as measurements on high-power DC/DC converters or AC/DC converters

Key Features

  • Optimized for use with Bode 100
  • Flat frequency range: DC – 50 MHz
  • Impedance measurement ports
  • CE compliant, RoHS compliant

Some Technical Data:

  • Gain: 12 dB ±0.25 dB
  • Max power: 25 dBm (DC to 50 MHz)
  • Input and output impedance: 50 Ω

Please download the User Manual for more information on the B-AMP 12

User Manual

B-AMP 12 User Manual V3.0

(1 MB)