On this page, you can find information on our injection transformers B-WIT 100 and B-LFT 100.

The B-WIT 100 is a general-purpose wide-band injection transformer for a wide range of applications.

The B-LFT 100 is specially designed to inject more signal at low frequencies.

Check out the video on the right side where we explain more about the properties and parameters of injection transformers for loop gain measurements.

If you want to check your injection transformer or need repair service, please have a look at the details at the end of this page.

Wideband Injection Transformer B-WIT 100

B-WIT 100 combines a wide usable frequency range (1Hz - 10 MHz) with safe isolation rated to 600V CAT II.
The wide frequency range ensures that the B-WIT 100 can be used for the analysis of slow control loops (low loop bandwidth) as well as very fast control loops (high loop bandwidth).

Check out the application note "DC/DC converter stability measurement" to learn how to measure the loop gain of a voltage regulator using the Bode 100 in combination with the B-WIT 100 injection transformer.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for signal insertion into control loops
  • Extremely wide usable frequency range: 1 Hz – 10 MHz
  • High linearity & low insertion loss
  • Safe isolation rated to 600 V CAT II

Some Technical Data:

  • Usable frequency range: 1 Hz – 10 MHz
  • -3 dB frequency range: 7 Hz – 5 MHz (typ.)
  • Insertion loss: < 0.5 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Turns ratio: 1:1
  • Pri-Sec capacitance: 120 pF @ 1 kHz (typ.)

Check out the following documents for more information on the B-WIT 100:

User Manual

B-WIT 100 / B-LFT 100 User Manual

(830 KB)



B-WIT 100 Brochure

(220 KB)


SPICE model

B-WIT 100 Model V1.0

(368 KB)


Low-Frequency Injection Transformer B-LFT 100

Sometimes you need more power at low frequencies. The B-LFT 100 is specially designed to inject low-frequency signals into slow control loops such as PFC regulators.

To ensure maximum signal/noise in your measurements, the B-LFT 100 is capable of injecting a 1 Hz signal at the full 2 Vrms output power of Bode 100 without saturating. For your safety, B-LFT 100 features a safely isolated secondary side output with isolation rated to 600V CAT II.

Some Key Features & Technical Data:

  • Optimized for low-frequency injection
  • Extremely low lower - 3 dB cutoff frequency < 100 mHz (typ.)
  • Upper -3 dB frequency: >15 kHz (typ. 20 kHz)
  • Low insertion loss:  < 1 dB (@ 100 Hz)
  • safe isolation (600 V CAT II)
  • Turns ratio: 1:1

Please download the User Manual for more detailed information on the B-LFT 100:

B-WIT 100 / B-LFT 100 User Manual

(830 KB)


The OMICRON Lab injection transformers B-WIT 100 and B-LFT 100 are safety-relevant products. If you think your injector is broken, please get in contact with our support team to discuss a repair. If you want to check if your device is still functional, please perform the tests shown in the document below.

Guide to check the function of B-WIT 100 or B-LFT 100

(698 KB)