Impedance Test Fixtures B-WIC & B-SMC

The impedance adapters B-WIC and B-SMC turn your Bode 100 into an easy-to-use LCR meter or impedance analyzer and are the perfect choice for impedance measurements of passive electronic components.

The B-WIC was especially designed for getting a better grip on thru-hole type components.

The B-SMC allows quick and secure contacting of even smallest surface-mount parts.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for RLC-Q measurements of all common passive electronic components
  • Fast DUT exchange
  • Gold-plated electrodes for low contact resistance and reproducible results
  • CE compliant, RoHS compliant

Technical Data:

  • Signal input and output connectors: BNC
  • Useable frequency range: 1 Hz - 50 MHz
  • Recommended impedance range: 20 mΩ to 600 kΩ

Please download the following documents for more information on B-WIC & B-SMC

User Manual

B-WIC & B-SMC User Manual V1.0

(2 MB)


Getting started

B-WIC & B-SMC Getting started

(3 MB)


Check out the video to the right, to see how the B-WIC is used to measure capacitance, inductance and ESR of different capacitors over frequency.