Dielectric Material Database available!

In the dielectric material database you will find important dielectric parameters of various materials. The dielectric constants (εr’, εr’’) and losses (tanδ) are displayed over a wide frequency range from mHz to kHz.

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Learn more about the use of our frequency response analysis instruments (Bode 100 + SPECTANO 100) in power electronics engineering and follow our Live Webinars from April 28th to May 7th.

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Passive Probe for Bode 100 available!

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new accessory for the Bode 100. The new PML 111O is a passive 10:1 probe manufactured by PMK, optimized for the use with Bode 100.

Use the PML 111O probe to: 

  • Perform highly accurate loop gain measurements 
  • Reduce capacitive loading of your…

PTP capable switch is now available as standard product

By adding the PTP compliant switch RSP20 from Hirschmann to our product portfolio, we are now offering a complete end-to-end IEEE 1588 solution for industrial applications.

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