Precision Timing Solutions in accordance to IEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2)

IEEE 1588 is the simplest way to synchronize equipment throughout a computer network. On a Local Area Network (LAN) IEEE 1588 achieves clock accuracies in the sub-microsecond range, making it suitable to precisely synchronise measurement and control systems.

IEEE 1588 is designed for local systems requiring accuracies beyond Network Time Protocol (NTP). It is also designed for applications that cannot bear the costs of a GPS receiver at each node, measurement device or control system.

  • Industrial automation, synchronisation of PLCs
  • Data acquisition systems
    (e.g. vibration, machine condition monitoring,… )
  • Test & measurement systems using LXI
    (LAN-based eXtensions for instrumentation), IEEE 1588 is a key technology for synchronisation in the LXI standard for test and measurement communication and control
  • Real time media networks (RAVENNA/AES67)
  • Power systems and power distribution (synchronization of IEDs according IEC 61850)
  • High speed cameras
  • Clock synchronisation for the financial sector (MiFID II / RTS 25)

    For further information on the application of IEEE 1588 in the electric power industry please have a look at our application note: Implementation and Transition Concepts for IEEE 1588 Precision Timing in IEC 61850 Substation Environments

The antenna integrated PTP grandmaster clock, OTMC 100, provides precise and simple time synchronization – connected via one single ethernet cable.

For further information check out the OTMC 100's product description & technical data

The PTP time converter TICRO 100 converts IEEE 1588/PTP packages received by ethernet to a high variety of time codes. This allows an easy integration of non PTP capable devices into IEEE 1588 infrastructures.

For further information check out the TICRO 100's product description & technical data