ClampMan is the new and flexible solution for fixing PCBs of various shapes and formats in a high variety of different ways. Be able to perfectly position each PCB for measuring, soldering or thermal imaging.

ClampMan was especially designed to clamp powered PCBs while enabling safe measurements from both sides. This ensures an unsurpassed level of versatility for soldering, analyzing, or repairing printed circuit boards. ClampMan integrates H&Gs precise hydraulic joint stands which allow to exactly position measurement probes or other equipment in a new and flexible way.

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ClampMan Brochure

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ClampMan Classic - Basic unit with 1 or 2 stand arms (size 400) with probe holder and complete fixture-set
Article number: CLM-1001 - with 1 stand arm
Article number: CLM-1002 - with 2 stand arms


Article number: CLM-1060
ClampMan Light - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and vice


Article number: CLM-1080
ClampMan Light ISO - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and vice + 2 isolated top chucks for vice
(CLM-1060 + 2x CLM-1207)
Delivered without shown PCB


Article number: CLM-1050
ClampMan Probe - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and probe holder


Article number: CLM-2000
ClampMan Midi - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 300) and Midi-Clamp


Article number: CLM-2001
ClampMan Midi Plus - ClampMan Midi (Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 300) and Midi-Clamp) + additional stand arm size 400 and probeholder 21mm span width