A faster way to analyze dielectric materials at low frequencies

Klaus, Austria, July 2016 – OMICRON Lab's newly developed dielectric material analyzer SPECTANO 100 is a versatile solution for the fast analysis of all dielectric properties of solid and liquid insulating materials from 5 µHz to 5 kHz.

The SPECTANO 100 combines measurements in the time and frequency domain which results, depending on the selected frequency range, in a measurement time reduction of up to 50 % - 75 % in comparison to conventional test sets. This allows a quick analysis of important polarization and depolarization phenomena as well as all electrical material parameters like permittivity, dielectric losses, capacitance and impedance. Due to analyzer’s wide output voltage range of 100 mVpeak to 200 Vpeak all measurements can be done without the need of an additional external voltage booster. The SPECTANO 100 allows to perform potential free measurements in grounded applications to ensure safe high voltage measurements. Optional adapters allow a flexible connection to all major types of material test cells on the market.

Dielectric properties are very important to understand the relationship between the structure and characteristics of materials. This also applies to time and temperature dependent chemical processes such as the curing of resins. Temperature resistant cables and adapters make it easy to connect the SPECTANO 100 to material test cells located in temperature controlled environments with temperatures from -55 °C to +250 °C. Programmable measurement sequences allow the easy execution of consecutive measurements at different voltages or temperatures. For more information on the SPECTANO 100 and its applications simply visit: http://www.omicron-lab.com/spectano-100 




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