Optically isolated data acquisition system – ISAQ 100 launched

OMICRON Lab, January 2012 – OMICRON Lab's new product, the optically isolated data acquisition system ISAQ 100, serves for analyzing and/or recording of voltage signals under challenging conditions. The accurate (2 MSps sampling rate, 18 bit resolution) ±250 V inputs of the two channels system can be used to analyze any physical or chemical process. A data recorder & analyzer as well as a real-time scope and FFT analyzer are provided by the controlling software, which runs on any standard Windows PC.

The full potential of the ISAQ 100 is acquired by making use of the fiber optical link of up to 3 km used for the data transfer between the acquisition units and the control unit. These enable the ISAQ 100 to be used as an isolation amplifier and make it the perfect solution for measurements in EMC critical areas and for high voltage applications. The hardware concept of the ISAQ 100 allows unlimited potential free measurements and even ensures safe operation for on-desk applications with up to 1000 V to ground. The battery powered acquisition units enable 8000 hours data recording and combined with the ISAQ 100’s light weight and compact design the ISAQ 100 assures outstanding flexibility.


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