During the year 2020 the Precision Timing product line (OTMC 100 and TICRO 100) moved from OMICRON Lab to www.omicronenergy.com

In case you are interested in the OTMC 100, please check out https://www.omicronenergy.com/en/products/otmc-100p/

For more details on the TICRO 100, please visit https://www.omicronenergy.com/en/products/ticro-100/

Precision Timing Solutions in accordance to IEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2)

IEEE 1588 is the simplest way to synchronize equipment throughout a computer network. On a Local Area Network (LAN) IEEE 1588 achieves clock accuracies in the sub-microsecond range, making it suitable to precisely synchronise measurement and control systems.

Typical application areas of IEEE 1588 are:

  • Power systems and power distribution (synchronization of IEDs according IEC 61850)
  • Industrial automation, synchronisation of PLCs
  • Test & measurement as well as data acquisition systems
  • High speed cameras
  • Real time media networks (RAVENNA/AES67)
  • Clock synchronisation for the financial sector (MiFID II / RTS 25)