Bode 100 - Accessories

The following accessories make it easy for you to perform accurate and fast measurements.

Injection Transformers

Our injection transformers are especially designed to assess the stability of control loops. Due to the safe isolation (600V CAT II), they can even be used on DC/DC converters that deal with high output voltages.

Power Amplifier

Sometimes more power is better... B-AMP 12 is an external power amplifier for the Bode 100 that allows you to generate signals with a power up to 25 dBm!

Passive 10:1 Probe

The PML111O is a passive 10:1 probe especially designed for the Bode 100. It features a 1 MΩ tip resistance with low capacitance for low-noise measurements and best device-protection.

Common Mode Choke

B-LCM is a low frequency common mode choke that can be used to reduce ground-loop currents in a test setup.

Impedance Test Fixtures

The impedance adapters turn your Bode 100 into an easy-to-use high-frequency LCR-meter. The gold plated contact electrodes with spring-based mechanism offer low contact resistance and reproducible results.

B-RFID Test Fixtures

These test fixtures enable you to perform contactless resonance-frequency and Q-factor measurements on ISO 14443-1:2008 smart cards.

Bode 100 Carrying Case

Carrying case for the Bode 100 with custom cut-out foam interior.
Designed to hold the Bode 100 including cables, power supply, B-WIT 100, B-SMC and B-WIC.

Active Differential Probe

The TT-SI 9001 active differential probe can handle up to 700Vpeak differential mode and common mode signals. The bandwidth of the probe is DC to 25 MHz.

Picotest Signal Injectors

Maximize the capabilities of your Bode 100 using Picotest Signal Injectors to measure power supplies, regulators and other linear circuitry or components.