Power Supply Design Workshops by Biricha Digital

Biricha Digital has many years of experience in teaching power supply design. Together with Texas Instruments a new analog PSU design workshop is now available!

In this workshop you will learn how to design and implement stable analog power supplies in just 3 days.

Find more information about the dates, locations and the registration page on http://www.biricha.com/aps

Key points:

  • Stable control loop design for both voltage & current mode PSUs
  • Detailed analysis of both isolated and non-isolated PSU design techniques and topologies
  • Includes numerous hands-on labs and a commercial license for Biricha's new professional PSU design software worth ~2000€

Bode 100 hands-on:

The workshop includes many Bode 100 hands-on labs where you learn how to:

  • Measure ESR of the power supply capacitor
  • Characterize and design of stable isolated Type II and Type III compensators
  • Measure the frequency response of the power supply loop
  • Measure the frequency response of the compensator and plant
  • Characterize your optocoupler for predictable stable, isolated power supply design
  • Measure the magnetizing and leakage inductance of your power transformer
  • Measure the impact of the output filter on your power supplies loop stability

 For a full syllabus and more details please visit: www.biricha.com/aps

Feel free to download the flyer with the most important information