DSL Cable Analysis


Together with AESA-Cortaillod, a leading provider in telecommunication cable measurement systems we have developed this application note.

This application note explains how to measure electrical parameters of DSL-Cables such as attenuation, crosstalk and phase delay. This is necessary to determine if a cable complies with a certain normative standard like e.g. IEC 62255-3.

By analyzing one DSL-Cable pair, the measurement of following parameters is shown in this application note (the parameters for the other pairs are measured the same way).

  • Attenuation
  • Impedance
  • Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) and Far End Cross Talk (FEXT)
  • Return Loss (RL)
  • Phase delay

According to the standard, the Equal Level Far End Crosstalk (ELFEXT) is calculated from the cables attenuation and the FEXT. We also show a method that allows to measure the ELFEXT directly.

The application note was done in cooperation with AESA Cortaillod, especially with strong support from Mr. Dick Gigon.

To learn more about this measurement application just download this application note.