Impedance Measurements using the Bode 100


This application note discusses how to choose the correct impedance measurement method when measuring impedance using the Bode 100 and how to improve results.

The Bode 100 offers seven different impedance measurement methods to measure impedance values from mΩ to MΩ over a wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz.

The simplest measurement possibilities are the one-port measurement or the impedance-adapter method. If these “simple” measurement possibilities are not good enough (e.g. to measure in the µΩ or mΩ range, the high variety of impedance measurement possibilities allows to choose the optimal setup for your application.

Using calibration / correction, the influence of the test setup including possible amplifiers or attenuators can be compensated for.

Using special measurement modes, even the impedance of active devices such as switching power supplies or power delivery networks can be measured.

Check out the application note or the related information to learn more about the impedance measurement capabilities of your Bode 100.