New ways of Human-Computer Interaction


OMICRON Lab was recently allowed to support a very interesting project on a new data interface concept for computer

Developing New Possibilities of Human-Computer Interaction with MEMS-Sensors and a Cube-like Display

Something we really like here at OMICRON Lab is the fact, that we get in touch with a lot of creative and innovative projects. One of these projects focused on a new interaction possibility between humans and computers. Instead of using a two dimensional display with touch control, Thierry Frising and Prof. Dr. Volpe of the university of applied sciences in Aschaffenburg used a cube with six displays. This makes the whole surface a GUI. Instead of touch technology an acceleration sensor is used to detect rotation, motion or tapping on the cubes surface.

So where does OMICRON Lab come into play?
The Cube is powered by a 3.7 V Lithium Polymer battery. A voltage that is not enough to operate the used displays. Therefore a +16.5 V step-up switcher is used. Well, and since measuring power supplies is one of the special applications for the Bode 100, we are proud that the Bode 100 was chosen to assess the stability and other power supply parameters in this project.