Time Synchronization of Power Protection Devices in Energy Distribution Networks


A huge number of electrical protection relays is installed worldwide. But the time synchronization of these devices can be improved a lot. By synchronizing them to a trustable time source, the analysing of event recordings becomes a lot easier for the protection engineer. 

This paper shows, how to retrofit an already operational energy distribution network using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance to IEEE 1588. 
It is described how OMICRON Lab products are used to improve the synchronization accuracy by using the time synchronization interfaces of the already installed electrical assets. This is achieved by locally generating the required time signals such as DCF 77, IRIG-B and NTP using a PTP Network as distribution backbone. To show the improvement of the retrofit, the time synchronization between the assets in different parts of the facility were measured prior and after the retrofit. 

OMICRON Lab and OMICRON supported the complete retrofit project from the initial planning stage to final activation stage of the time synchronisation network. 

Time synchronization infrastructures can be easily scaled and adapted to your needs, so feel free to  for further information.