The Bode 100 is ready for a high variety of measurements related to Vector Network Analysis. Due to the wide frequency range, more exactly the low start frequency the Bode 100 can be used for measurement tasks that are usually not executable with standard Vector Network Analyzers. To support these measurements OMICRON Lab has started to offer the following accessories for the Bode 100:



Injection Transformer B-WIT 100 and B-LFT 100

The B-WIT 100 and B-LFT 100 injection transformers are especially designed for the signal insertion into closed control loops to assess the stability of such circuits. Due to the safely isolated (600V CAT II) outputs the B-WIT 100 and B-LFT 100 are also usable for the analysis of DC/DC converters that deal with high output voltages.


Impedance Adapters B-WIC & B-SMC

The impedance adapters turn the Bode 100 into an easy to use high frequency LCR-Meter. Low and reproducible contact resistance is ensured by the gold plated contacts and the reliable spring based mechanism of the adapters. B-SMC is specially designed to measure surface mounted components and B-WIC enables to measure wired component of any kind.


External Power Amplifier B-AMP 12

Sometimes more power is better... B-AMP 12 is an external power amplifier for the Bode 100. With B-AMP 12 you can generate signals with a power up to 25 dBm! Use B-AMP 12 to inject more signal into noisy circuits or measure impedance with higher voltage levels.


B-RFID Test Fixtures

These test fixtures enable you to perform contactless resonance-frequency and Q-factor measurements on ISO 14443-1:2008 smart cards.


Passive Probe PML111O

The PML111O is a passive 10:1 probe especially designed for the Bode 100.

Bode 100 Carrying Case

Carrying case for the Bode 100 with custom cut-out foam interior.
Designed to hold the Bode 100 including cables, power supply, B-WIT 100, B-SMC and B-WIC.


Differential Probe 1:10 / 1:100 Probe

With this Differential Probe voltages up to 600V can be connected to the Bode 100. Since the measurement input of the probe is potential free it is possible to avoid grounding problems and to measure circuits which input and output have no common ground.


Picotest Signal Injectors

Maximize the capabilities of your Network/Impedance analyzers by adding Signal Injectors to measure power supplies, regulators, other linear circuitry or components.