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Note: Files created with the SPECTANO Analyzer Suite V1.5 cannot be imported to the SPECTANO 100 Analysis Template V1.0
Please use the latest Analysis Template V1.5.

SPECTANO 100 Analyzer Suite

SPECTANO 100 Analyzer Suite
V1.50 Full Version - 64 Bit

(90 MB)


SPECTANO 100 Analyzer Suite
V1.50 Full Version - 32 Bit

(89 MB)


Analysis Template

The newest Analysis Template version 1.5 will follow within the next days




System requirements

Operating systems:Windows 7 SP1 or higher;
32-bit and 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core-i Dual-Core (or similar)
RAM:2 GB, 4 GB recommended
Interface:USB 2.0 or higher

System requirements

Operating systems:Windows 7 SP1 or higher;
32-bit and 64-bit
Office systems:Excel 2013 or higher

V1.5 (2018-05-29)

Automation Interface

The SAS V1.5 comes with an Automation Interface (API) that allows you to easily integrate the SPECTANO 100 into automated setups or customized software tools. You can access the SPECTANO 100 from MATLAB, LabVIEW, C# or Excel and more. Use the Automation Interface to create your specific software for any kind of research and measurement application. With the Automation Interface, you can combine the SPECTANO 100 with third party devices such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors or humidity sensors for environmental dependent measurements.

All functions and parameters that are available in the Spectano Analyzer Suite (SAS) are also available in the automation interface (AI). In addition, the AI offers a continuous wave recorder and a polarization current recorder for advanced analysis.

GUI Improvements and new Features

  1. Additional DC method to analyze electrical insulation material according to IEC 62631-3-1
    • Specific conductivity σ(t)
    • Specific resistance ρ(t)
    • Electrical conductivity G(t)
    • Electrical resistance R(t)
  2. Possibility to generate customized frequency test points
  3. Improved chart display and zooming functions

V1.0 (2016-10)

The historic initial version of the SPECTANO Analyzer Suite.

User Manual

SPECTANO 100 User Manual

(5 MB)


Quick Start Guide

SPECTANO 100 QuickStartGuide

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