Measurement of complex component impedances made easy

OMICRON Lab, February 2011 – The new impedance measurement adapters B-WIC and B-SMC turn OMICRON Lab's network analyzer Bode 100 into a cost-effective and easy to use LCR Meter. Both adapters work in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz.

Besides the examined component's complex impedance also the serial and parallel equivalent resistance, capacitance and inductance as well as the quality factor can be displayed as a swept frequency curve.

The B-SMC is specially designed to measure surface mounted components, while the B-WIC enables to measure wired component of any kind. Both adapters are equipped with an effective spring based mechanism allowing a quick exchange of the measurement object. Gold plated contacts ensure a low and reproducible contact resistance.

Free application notes at ensure a quick and effective start of impedance measurements with the Bode 100.


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