OMICRON Lab Partners with Picotest, Raises the Level of Network Analyzer Test Capability

September  2010 Phoenix, AZ / Klaus, Austria: OMICRON Lab,  a leader in network analyzer test equipment, and, a leader in high-tech precision electronic instruments have signed a cooperation agreement that allows each company to sell and distribute key products produced by the other. In the reciprocal agreement, will sell the OMICRON Lab products, including the Bode 100 network analyzer and its accessories, and OMICRON Lab and its distributors will sell the new Picotest line of Signal Injectors.

“There is a great synergy between the products, technology and capabilities of OMICRON Lab and Picotest,” states OMICRON Lab Business Manager, Bernhard Baumgartner.
OMICRON Lab will distribute Picotest’s line of Single Injectors, which pair perfectly with the Bode 100 network analyzer and greatly extend its usefulness. Together, the Signal Injectors enable the Bode 100 to better measure stability, input and output impedance, PSRR, component impedances, reverse transfer, crosstalk and Middlebrook filter stability. OMICRON Lab will sell the Signal Injectors both directly and indirectly through their worldwide distributor network. will sell the Bode 100 and its accessories throughout the US markets.
“The Signal Injectors and Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer are a very powerful combination. Picotest’s expertise in power supply test and measurement will help teach engineers about all the ways the Bode 100 can benefit them,” adds Baumgartner. “ displays an excellent combination of practical engineering expertise and understanding of the test equipment landscape. offers the support and knowledge base we require from a top distributor.”

For, the Bode 100 analyzer adds tremendous capability. The Bode 100 is a compact, multifunctional test set designed for the electronic laboratory. The Bode 100 is the best value for a computer controlled Vector Network Analyzer, Gain Phase Meter, Impedance Meter and Sine Wave Generator in a single unit. The flexible hardware design, combined with PC based software allows the Bode 100 to be used for audio, video, and RF applications in R&D labs or production environments.

“We are excited to begin this relationship, states Steve Sandler, Managing Director of “OMICRON Lab has a very strong organization behind its products and is dedicated to supplying the best price/performance value point in the analyzer market.”
With the Picotest Signal Injectors and the Bode 100 you can perform many high resolution measurements in the range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz non-invasively.


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