We are proudly working together with Picotest since 2010. Like OMICRON Lab, Picotest is a company led and driven by electronic engineers. Picotest provides outstanding technology to perform high fidelity measurements. Steve Sandler, the founder and president of Picotest.com is an internationally renowned expert for all aspects of electric power supplies.  Picotest provides a high variety of measurement devices such as signal injectors, probes and amplifiers that allow you to analyse, characterize and test all aspects of your power supply design with the Bode 100.

Steve Sandler has been involved with power system engineering for nearly 40 years. He frequently lectures and leads workshops internationally on the topics of Power Integrity, PDN, and Distributed Systems and is a Keysight Certified EDA expert. Steve publishes articles and books related to power supply and PDN performance. His latest book, “Power Integrity: Measuring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems” was published by McGraw-Hill in 2014. He is the recipient of the ACE 2015 Jim Williams Contributor of the Year ACE Award for his outstanding and continuing contributions to the engineering industry and knowledge sharing. Steve is also the founder of AEi Systems, a well-established leader in worst case circuit analysis, modeling, and troubleshooting of satellite and other high reliability systems.

For more details on Picotest signal injector products, please check out www.picotest.com