Low Value Impedance Measurements


In this application note we show how very low impedance values can be measured using the Bode 100.

The impedance values of current sensing resistors are generally in the range of several milliohms. Measuring the high frequency characteristics of such a device can be a challenging task.

In these application notes we show two different methods where we use the Bode 100 to measure the impedance of 20 mΩ resistors.

  1. The first document shows how to measure a 20 mΩ resistor using the impedance adapter B-WIC
  2. The second document describes the Voltage/Current method with B-WIT 100
  3. The third document uses the Voltage/Current method to measure the inner impedance of a 4-wire current shunt

 Please Note: The Shunt-Thru measurement method is the preferred method for very low impedance measurements at high frequencies. BAS 3.X directly supports Shunt-Thru.