Passive 10:1 Probe PML 111O

The PML 111O is a passive 10:1 probe manufactured by PMK, optimized for the use with Bode 100. It features a unique 1 MΩ design for the AC-coupled inputs of Bode 100.

Use the PML 111O to:

  • Perform highly accurate loop gain measurements
  • Reduce capacitive loading of your circuit
  • Protect the input channels of your Bode 100

Key Features and some technical data:

  • Compact 2.5 mm probe design
  • 1 MΩ || 12.5 pF input impedance for lowest noise
  • Exchangeable gold plated spring-tip
  • Attenuation ratio: 10:1

Delivery includes:

  • Probe PML 111O with spring tip and protective cap
  • Solid probe tip (CuBe 0.5 mm)
  • Ground lead & ground spring-contact
  • Sprung hook
  • BNC adapter
  • Isolation cap
  • PCB adapter kit
  • Color-coding rings (3x4 colors)
  • Printed user-manual in English language

 Note: Standard passive probes will not divide the DC portion of the signal when connected to an AC coupled input! The PML 111O will also divide DC during AC coupling.

Please download the instruction manual for more information and technical data...

Manual PML111O

(2 MB)


Manufactured by PMK GmbH (Germany)

The PML 111O is manufactured by PMK, one of the leading independent manufacturers of probes. Find out more at:

Optional probe accessories

A wide range of accessories for the 2.5 mm PMK probes are available for purchase from PMK. All 2.5 mm accessories also fit on the PML 111O. Check out for more information on replacement tips, probe-holders, IC contacting systems and much more.