ClampMan is a perfect solution for fixing PCBs of various shapes and formats in a high variety of different ways. Due to its flexible design it is possible to perfectly position each PCB for tasks such as measuring, soldering or thermal imaging.

ClampMan was especially designed to clamp energized PCBs while enabling safe measurements from both sides. This is very helpful for power electronic measurements like measuring the power factor or efficiency of a power supply. The provided clamping accessories enable the fixing of printed circuit boards in many different positions with multiple degrees of freedom. This ensures an unsurpassed level of versatility for soldering, repair or assembly of printed circuit boards.

ClampMan integrates H&Gs precise hydraulic joint stands who have been highly valued in processing and medical engineering industries for decades. These joint stands allow to exactly position measurement probes or other equipment like thermal imaging cameras.

In its basic version ClampMan comes with one hydraulic probe holder. Additional hydraulic joint stands are available as accessories. In total up to ten joint stands with probe holders can be mounted.

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Product overview

Article number: CLM-1001
ClampMan Classic -
 Basic unit with 1 stand arm (size 400) with probe holder and complete fixture-set

Article number: CLM-1002
ClampMan Classic - Basic unit with 2 stand arms (size 400) with probe holder and complete fixture-set


Article number: CLM-1050
ClampMan Probe - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and probe holder


Article number: CLM-1060
ClampMan Light - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and vice


Article number: CLM-1070
ClampMan Accessory Set Professional including:
1x CLM-1080
1x 106327
1x 104500
2x 104506 to 104512


Article number: CLM-1080
ClampMan Light ISO - Round foot with 1 stand arm (size 400) and vice + 2 isolated top chucks for vice
(CLM-1060 + 2x CLM-1207)
Delivered without shown PCB

Article number: 106328
Stand arm (size 400) - with probe holder

Article number: 106327
Stand arm (size 400) - without probe holder

Article number: CLM-1110
Complete probe holder for ClampMan

Article number: CLM-1200
Vice incl. quick change adapter (as in CLM-1060)

Article number: CLM-1207
Isolated Top Chucks for Vice (as in CLM-1080)

Article number: 104343
Stand arm size 300, reinforces ClampMan

Article number: CLM-1005
Separate fixture set, consisting of 4 distance cones, 4 knurled knobs, 4 twisted handle screws, distance discs and screws


Article number: CLM-1118
Round foot (as in CLM-1050/CLM-1060)

Article number Description
104599Quick change holder (M6) with quick change adapter to female M6
104500Quick change holder (M6) without adapter
104511Quick change adapter to female M6
104512Quick change adapter to square 3/8" with M5 + hole ø5 and ø6
104506Quick change adapter to male 1/4"-20
104507Quick change adapter to male M4
104508Quick change adapter to male M8
104509Quick change adapter to male M10
104510Quick change adapter to male M6

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