New PTP Grandmaster Clock series - OTMC 100 launched

OMICRON Lab, September 2012 – OMICRON Lab's newly developed antenna-integrated PTP Grandmaster clock OTMC 100 provides precise and simple time synchronization of measurement devices via the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588-2008. The unique design of the OTMC 100 series combines the GPS-Antenna, the GPS receiver and the Grandmaster clock in a compact and weatherproof housing. This enables a direct integration of the OTMC 100 Grandmaster Clocks into computer networks without the need of any coaxial RF cabling.

An active GPS-Antenna in combination with a sensitive 12-channel GPS receiver ensures that the OTMC 100 series provides reliable time synchronization data even under difficult reception conditions. The integrated PTP grandmaster clock runs a fully embedded PTP protocol stack and is controlled via a platform independent web interface. The OTMC 100 series is powered over Ethernet. Due to the extremely low power consumption its cost of operation is much lower than that of a standard rack mounted device.

The OTMC series so far consists of two models. The OTMC 100i was especially developed to meet the needs of industrial measurement applications such as automated test environments while the OTMC 100p was designed for protection, automation and control applications in the electric power industry.


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