Trainings & Events

Get Hands-On experience on the Bode 100!

No matter if you are an experienced Bode 100 user or if you have never seen our device in action before, this page offers you many possibilities to get real hands-on experience on the Bode 100.

Learn more about the applications of the Bode 100 and how to use the Bode Analyzer Suite most efficiently!

We have selected the best seminars, webinars and events of OMICRON Lab and our partners for you:

Power Supply Design Workshop from Biricha Digital

Learn to design and implement stable analog power supplies using the Bode 100.

OMICRON Lab Webinars

Learn more about the Bode 100 and follow our presentation online!
The next webinar series will be held in 2017 but you can stream past webinars easily.

Power Analysis & Design Symposium

Visit us and attend our free seminar! The seminar includes presentations of leading power supply experts and hands-on Bode 100 labs.

PCIM Europe - visit us at our booth!

We will be at PCIM 2018- reserve the date: June 5-7, 2018 

Let's meet and measure! We will be happy to serve you at our booth.

Power Electronics Testing Workshop by Picotest

Learn how to perform measurements to ensure reliable operation of poewer electronic systems and analog circuitry.