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Performing precise measurements can be tricky sometimes. Only if you use the right equipment and measurement setup, you will get reproducible and accurate measurement results.The target of our webinars is to provide you with a mixture of theoretical background, application know-how and live measurements. The topics we have chosen are typical for the daily work of many engineers. In addition, the webinars will help users of the Bode 100 to utilize the full potential of their device.

From November 9th to November 12th the Webinar Week 2015 took place. We offered a wide selection of topics for electronics engineers with a special focus on power supply design. Based on the experience from our past seminars and received requests, we have prepared the topics below.

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The next Webinars will be held in 2018

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Recordings of the Webinars 2015

Loop Gain Measurement of Power Supplies

Loop Gain - Text

The loop response measurement is an industrywide used standard method to assess the stability of voltage regulators and switching power supplies. In this session we will explain the theoretic background of this measurement, give practical hints how to achieve meaningful results  and show real-life examples for different topologies.

Loop Gain - Filelink

Webinar recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Analyzing Passive Component Parasitics

Passive Component - Text

Passive components show often an undesired or even unexpected high-frequency behavior due to their parasitics. In this session we will show how the Bode 100 helps to measure the parasitics of passive components. Further on, the influence of parasitics on circuit behavior and EMI will be visualized. We will measure ESR, parasitic inductance, leakage inductance and more.

Passive Components - Filelink

Webinar recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Characterization of Audio components

Audio - Text

Audio electronics needs to be of high quality in terms of frequency response to create clear sound to the human ear. In this session we will show how the Bode 100 can be used for an efficient and accurate characterization of audio amplifiers and audio crossovers. Furthermore we will demonstrate how easy it is to measure the impedance of loudspeakers in the audible frequency range.

Audio - Filelink

Webinar recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Flat Impedance in Voltage Regulator Modules

Flat Impedance - Text

Todays high speed systems require clean power under challenging conditions. Extremely fast current transients and high voltage stability require carefully designed power delivery. In this session, industry expert Steve Sandler will show how important it is to keep the impedance of a power system flat over a wide frequency range. 

Flat Impedance - Filelink

Webinar recording (English)

Why PID Controllers Are Not Suitable for Stabilizing Most Power Supply Topologies

PID Controllers - Text

PID is one the most popular compensators ever invented.  However this type of controller is not suitable for stabilizing the majority of power supplies. In this session, industry expert Dr. Ali Shirsavar from Biricha Digital will explain why. The session will conclude with real life demos of the performance of PID controllers when used in power supplies.

Read the full article about this topic!

Webinar recording (English)

Recordings of the Webinars 2014:

Power Supply Loop Stability Measurements with the Bode 100

In this session we show how the stability of a power supply can be measured by injecting a signal into the feedback loop. 

What is stability?
How to measure stability
Choosing the right injection point for different topologies
Live measurement of different power supplies


Loop Stability Link

Webinar Recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Measuring Impedance with the Bode 100 – tips and tricks

Text-Measuring Impedance with the Bode 100 – tips and tricks

In this Webinar we show various methods to measure component impedances and component parasitics with the Bode 100. 

Direct impedance measurement methods
Indirect impedance measurement via Gain
DC voltage sensitivity of ceramic capacitors
Live measurements of parasitic effects for various capacitors and inductors

File link - Impedance

Webinar Recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Non-invasive Stability Measurement of Power Supplies with Bode 100

Text-Non-invasive Stability Measurement of Power Supplies with Bode 100

In this session we show how to derive the phase margin of a control loop from its output impedance. This method has the advantage that no access to the feedback loop is required.

Theoretical background on Non-Invasive Stability Measurements (NISM) by Steve Sandler
How to measure output impedance of power supplies
One cursor and two cursor method
Live measurement comparing loop gain stability and NISM
Time for discussion of the measurement results
Wishes & feature requests - open discussion of Bode 100 functionalities

File link - NISM

Webinar Recording (English)

Webinar Aufzeichnung (Deutsch)

Automated PSU Design with Biricha's WDS software

text-Automated PSU Design with Biricha's WDS software

In this session Dr Ali Shirsavar will show the capabilities and features of Biricha's new powerful automated power supply design software.

Session includes:

  • Step-by-step design of a fully isolated analog Flyback and fully digital buck converters
  • Component stress calculation
  • Stable compensator design down to component level
  • Loop measurement with Bode 100 and importing into WDS

file link - WDS Design

Webinar Recording (English)